We care about our impact on the planet. We understand we have a crucial role to play in building a more sustainable future and in reshaping the industry we love. We are committed to becoming a more responsible company. We strive to educate ourselves and to make better choices every day. We know we cannot transform our business overnight, but the desire to do better and be better will drive us forward. We look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Our pledge for 2022 and the future

Climate change

  • We will choose to work with partners who share our values on reducing climate change
  • We will review our transport policy to minimise our carbon footprint
  • We will upgrade our technology to minimise unnecessary travel
  • We will review the energy consumption at our sites and look for ways to reduce it

Reducing Waste

  • We will Improve recycling facilities at all our sites and develop training programs for all our staff
  • We will make our branded packaging more environmentally friendly


  • We will incorporate sustainable alternatives into our collections where possible
  • We will maximise the use of our waste
  • We will only work with partners who share our ethical values and have signed our Ethical Charter
  • We will review the transportation of our products and identify ways to be more environmentally friendly