Linen is a natural fibre derived from the stem of the flax plant. It is an effortless and easy to wear fabric with a beautiful raw aspect. It is perfect for the summer, as it helps regulate the temperature between your body and the garment you are wearing. There are several ways to care for your linen pieces. Here’s what you need to know;

Linen based garments are very easy to care for and can be machine washed. They should be washed at a maximum temperature of 40°C on a gentle or hand wash cycle. If your linen is a vibrant or dark colour, stick with cold water to avoid fading. If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option, you may decide to hand wash. If you are washing your linen by hand, then do so in water no warmer than 40°C using a small amount of mild detergent suited for delicate fabrics; such as Attire Care’s Delicate Wash, and gently rub the fabric without pulling. Dry cleaning may be necessary in some cases if cleaning Blazers, Jackets or more delicate items. Always make sure that you read the care label and follow the individual cleaning instruction for the garment.

Linen is very fast drying. Wherever possible it is recommended that you dry your linen pieces flat in the open air to ensure the garment maintains its shape and overall appearance.

When your garment is still slightly damp it can be ironed inside out on a high temperature. Use a steamer to remove excess wrinkles and assist with areas that are difficult to iron. To save time try using Attire Care’s Crease Release Spray, an innovative, invisible spray-on solution designed to leave your clothing crease free without the need for pressing or ironing garments.

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