We spoke to Tiffany Hsu,’s Fashion Buying Director,
to find out how she has been spending her time whilst self-isolating.

What room at home do you find yourself in most?
The sitting room.

Are you exercising, what keeps you active?
I do HIIT training with body weight and yoga (I am not very good at yoga so this is a good time to practice).

What/Who are you listening too?
Not much at the moment but I should dig out my old music and relisten again, a lot of music I like is from the 80s and early 90s experimental and industrial music.

Tell us the Top 3 items of clothing you have been wearing?
My old band teeshirt, a lot of Live The Process gym clothes and a cashmere sweater.

How do you stay inspired?
I watch old movies on Mubi, they have a great selection of old classics and nonmainstream art house movies so I watch something new every day, I also have a daily workout, it helps a lot.

First place you will you go when we are back to ‘normal’?
The beach.

Do you have a daily routine?
Yeah, I make sure I work out once a day and at least 5 days a week and also I am still working full time so I basically start my day on my laptop at 9 am.

Who is your most facetimed contact?
My colleagues, and my group of fashion week family from different parts of the world and my closest friend who lives down the road.

What are you procrastinating over?
My holiday trip to Tokyo and Kyoto…

What/Who last made you laugh?
My husband, he always makes me laugh.

Do you have a hidden talent? Show us…
Cake decorating …. terrible baker but I can decorate a cake.

Tell us your ultimate isolation…
Song: Blue velvet
Meal: Chicken nuggets
Read: Any interior books
Show: Westwood
Movie: Fellini movies on Mubi
Snack: Homemade keto peanut butter cup
View: The park
Set-Up / Room: My bed
Outfit: Cashmere tracksuit