To New York, via the Gagosian, Brooklyn and JOSEPH Madison Avenue, photographer Bibi Borthwick gives us an insight into her former stomping ground.

Morning routine?
I love waking up quite early and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge a few times, its nice exercise to be outside and as I'm not in New York as often as I was when I lived here it's really nice to take it all in. On my way back from doing the bridge which is usually 7 miles or so I stop at juice press and get a smoothie on the way home before starting my day.

Favourite gallery?
The Gladstone and The Gagosian gallery.

Off the radar? (Your secret spot)
If I told you it wouldn't be a secret anymore…! There's a restaurant uptown I love called Sette Mezzo where my grandmother and I always go together and I love the park alongside the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway).

JOSEPH Spring Summer'16 Rigel Brocade Dress in RIKA Magazine

Photography. Where did it start for you?
My dad's a photographer, so I grew up observing him I always loved taking pictures but it wasn't until I was in Africa with my dad about 10 years ago, being there amongst the culture.. From there I got into the habit of photographically documenting things which inspired me or I found beautiful or even ugly, it all happened quite organically which is really nice.

Alex wears the JOSEPH Pre'Fall 16 Riko Shirt

What’s your everyday uniform?
I'm quite simple I either wear jeans, trainers and a t-shirt or some sort of silk shirt. There are few brands that have existed for as long as JOSEPH that are able to maintain a constancy and I respect that so much - also my mother used to design for JOSEPH probably 20 or more years ago so that’s quite special for me too!!

Bibi's PICKS //
1) Butter Leather Alva Skirt
2) Metallic Twill Alto Woven Dress
3) Muslin Voile Marcus Blouse

Alex wears the JOSEPH Pre'Fall 16 Double Georgette Billy Blouse

Best place to eat?
I love Il Buco in Soho

Hmmm...I'm not a big bar person, I would rather be outside or in someone's home but I do love the outdoor area of the Bowery.

Where do you relax?
My parents have a beautiful home in Cobbil Hill, Brooklyn - I love being there with them...

JOSEPH Spring Summer'16 Nappa Leather Sandal in RIKA Magazine

What are you working on at the moment?
I'm working on a body of some personal work which I'm really excited about. I’m also spending more and more time in Europe, working with my dad on Balenciaga which has been a real great experience and quite exciting to whiteness. I'm working on a few really exciting editorials for the fall.

Alex wears the Muslin Voile Marcus Blouse from the Spring Summer'16 Collection


To Shoreditch, for an afternoon sifting through the wardrobe of stylist and consultant, Alex Carl. Here she talks London, modelling, styling and psychology...

What are you working on at the moment?
Rika magazine, consulting for designers, a choreography project with an exiting dancer and a shoot with artist FOS who works closely with Phoebe Philo and just recently did an installation in your Sloane Square store I believe - very fun and all very different paces....

Styling. When and where did it all start?
It started when I was 16. I got an opportunity to do a couple of pages for DANSK magazine as I'd worked with the guys through modelling previously and they knew how interested I was in styling and exploring other parts of the industry. Soon I was styling for clients like adidas and working full time on the magazine. This was all whilst I finished my studies, after that I moved to London at 18 and started to assist at LOVE.

How long have you been in London for, what prompted the move?
6 years ago I graduated in film and feminist theory studies and went to London to model for the summer...the rest is history! I have no idea how 3 weeks turned into 6 years. I also did my degree in Psychology here at Goldsmiths whilst I was styling, which gave me an even better reason to stay!

If you weren't in fashion, where would you be?
I'd probably be making films.

You have a rare Saturday free in London. What are we doing??
I'd go to Broadway market to have breakfast at Tiosk - a wholesome little café which provides a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle outside on the market. They do a million kinds of tea and amazing macrobiotic salads. I get my groceries from the organic stalls there and eggs from the farm shop. I'd continue to Victoria Park or Hampstead Heath to the Pergola -such a peaceful spot. I have my favourite places but always try to mission out to see new parts of London I haven't explored before. Last weekend I came across a rare bookshop I've never visited before, just around the corner from me and Dennis Severs house in Spitalfields, we've been living around the corner from it for 4 years! There are so many gems and surprises on my doorstep in London it's amazing.

We're hungry, where are you taking us?
CREAM for the naughtiest and most delicious scrambled eggs with wild salmon ever! Or one of their incredible salads. For anything post 5.30pm I'd take you to The Richmond and have oysters!

Pamela on Kingsland Road or my local pub on Cheshire Street, The Carpenters Arms.

You're joining us for the next instalment of the JOSEPH x The Happy Reader book club - what are you reading at the moment? Favourite book store?
I'd never read The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho so I thought it was about time I got on to it. It's incredible!

Favourite gallery?
The Photographer's gallery - it's always so full of surprises. I also think Victoria Miro in Hackney has some great contemporary art exhibitions and pieces.

How and where do you relax?
I relax at hot yoga after work - or in Copenhagen really. It's sort of the only place which doesn't remind me of work and makes me completely switch off!

Top 3 picks from the Joseph site right now?
1) Butter Leather Silvie Skirt
2) Metallic Twill Alto Dress
3)Ramie Voile Marcus Blouse