The Waste Project

“Over time we have seen how factories throw away boxes of remaining yarn from old productions. We felt we had an opportunity and an obligation to utilise what was already available to us.”
JOSEPH Co-Creative Directors, Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr

The Waste Project

Introducing The Waste Project, a six-piece capsule collection consciously constructed using waste yarn. Using a variety of intricate and traditional techniques, the pieces have been hand knitted by artisans in Macedonia.

Each piece taking up to 73 hours to create. Each one unique, each one limited-edition.

Mirroring the spirit in which the garments were made, the campaign brings the collection to life with collages using abstract elements from the natural world, possessing an aspirational and dreamlike energy and recycling them to create something new.

Collage by Cynthia Swanson

Model Eny Jaki & Tyler Rees

Stylist Lyson Marchessault

Photography by Perry Ogden, 1991.

The designs are inspired by iconic JOSEPH TRICOT knitwear from the brand’s archive. The instarsia knit pieces originally released in 1991, have been reworked and updated.

“20 different wasted yarns are being used in the capsule. Each piece is knitted by hand using techniques that have been passed down through generations; techniques that today are being taken over by machinery and mass production. Craftsmanship is part of the JOSEPH brand DNA so we are excited to collaborate with these highly skilled artisans to re-create the iconic designs from the JOSEPH archive."
JOSEPH Co-Creative Directors, Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr