JOSEPHs leather pieces are crafted from the finest quality leather and elevated by modern cuts and bold colours. From leather leggings in butter soft nappa leather to the iconic sheepskin jackets and supple leather accessories, these investment pieces will be worn season after season. To maintain the beautiful appearance and longevity of leather pieces, it’s important that garments and accessories are cared for properly. There are several ways to care for your leather pieces and here’s what you need to know;


Leather can be damaged if it comes into contact with water, so frequent waterproofing is recommended.

If its scheduled to rain, always pack an umbrella. If you are caught in the rain and your leather becomes wet, it should be dried in the open air and never near a direct source of heat.

A leather cream (like Attirecare's Leather Cream) can be used to help restore the natural oils found within leather. By conditioning your pieces and providing the vital nourishment all leather needs it will maintain its natural look longer. This should be done every 3 – 6 months.

Always follow the care instructions when cleaning. It is recommended that your leather garments are dry cleaned.

If you accidentally get a stain on leather, use a white cloth and warm water to dab the stain as quickly as possible. Do not rub the stain as you will abrade the skin, and this could ruin the garment. Always do a test in a hidden area first. Never use chemicals. If you are unable to remove the stain, take it to a leather specialist dry cleaner.

Never iron your leather.

Leather can scratch easily, so avoid wearing heavily embellished clothes or chunky jewellery with your leather pieces.

If you accidentally tear or damage the leather, take the garment to a leather specialist who will be able to repair it.

If your leather pieces start to look a little dull, take the garment to a specialist who will polish the leather to bring it back its original shine.

Soft leather accessories can stretch out of shape, so it's advisable to not overfill your handbags.


Before storing your leather goods, they should be aired. Hang garments as folding can damage the leather. Always use foam pads if you are using a clip hanger for trousers.

Clothing and accessories should be stored in a breathable cotton garment or accessories bags. Avoid using plastic storage bags as they are not breathable.

Ensure leather pieces are kept away from light and any sources of heat, as this could dry out the leather and cause it to crack.

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