JOSEPH’s shearling pieces are made from the finest quality leather, enhanced by modern cuts and bright colours.


Water: Shearling can become damaged if exposed to water, therefore frequent waterproofing is recommended every five to six months. Apply the waterproofing agent, always on a dry garment at about 30cm to avoid the risk of staining your shearling. Always test in a hidden area first.

If your shearling gets wet, it should be air dried away from a direct heat source.

Stain Removal: For greasy stains, we recommend sprinkling the stain with baby talcum powder (UK or North America) or montmorillonite clay (France). Without rubbing, leave on the product and leave it on for several hours. Rub gently, then vacuum to remove the powder.

For surface stains, use a slightly “abrasive” eraser or a crepe brush to remove.

Never use chemicals. If you are unable to remove the stain, take your shearling to a specialist leather and shearling dry cleaner.

Appearance: To keep your shearling garment shiny, sprinkle the hair of your shearling skin with talcum powder and rub in with the palm of your hand. Leave to act for at least eight hours, before brushing your garment to remove all traces of powder. Alternatively, rub a velvet pad on the garment.


It is recommended that you have your shearling garments cleaned by a leather specialist. Try and avoid using specialist dry cleaners too often as this may alter the natural look of the hair. Do not iron.


Air before storing. Always hang to store, as folding can damage the shearling. Clothing and accessories should be stored in micro-perforated non-woven covers to protect clothing or accessories from light. Avoid using plastic storage bags, as they are not breathable.


Shearling and leather get more beautiful with age. However, if you decide to replace your old shearling pieces we encourage our customers to embrace circular fashion by donating or resale.