@shazzshazzz puts her stamp on the JOSEPH Pre Spring Summer 2017 collection

Less paint by numbers and more paint by personalised invite - note here Dries van Noten AW16 - fashion illustration has seen a surge in popularity over the past year.
In a time where the front row is awash with glimmering screens and our social feeds are updated within a millisecond, the quiet etchings of an illustrator are a refreshing sight.

Fashion illustration has long been the master of capturing the decisive moment. Pre-dating film and photography, it translates one art form into another.
But with the rise of technology rendering many trades and skills obsolete, fashion illustration seems to have beaten the trend.
In a time where digital rules all, people are engaging with illustration more than ever.

Organic, entirely personal and a welcome detour from social media; interpretation at its best.

Here JOSEPH meets @shazzshazzz - a London-based illustrator whose latest work has caught our eye...

The JOSEPH Pre Fall 16 collection - now available here

In my teens, I used to work alongside my mum in Portobello market selling vintage clothing. She's extremely fashion conscious and her influence naturally rubbed off on me. My love for fashion grew whilst I was teenager; vintage clothing has always been a source of inspiration to me in regards to my illustrations and sense of style. The combination of fashion and illustration is magic and I love it.

I think fashion illustration has seen a revival in the past couple of years because of social media. Social networking sites such as Instagram and Tumblr are being utilised as a platform on which artists can showcase their work. Followers seem to be more receptive towards hand-drawn fashion illustration as opposed digital fashion illustration and artists have realised this.

I always work by hand. However, I'm currently working with some digital artists to create an animation. All of the images will be sketched first then transferred onto the computer to make a sort of moving image.