IN REVIEW // white knights - fyodor dostoyevsky

Lead by our informed panel; discussions moved
from the transient nature of 'White Nights' and
its relevanceto modern day, through to social
media and the current use of dating apps...

Dostoyevsky explores these fleeting moments
of happiness through a story laced with naivety,
isolation and romance, leading his reader through
the twilight world of St Petersburg's Belive Nochi
(White Nights), until his narrator reaches an
almost rational conclusion, devoid of fantasy.

'White Nights' - a journey of self-discovery with
a bittersweet ending or a tale of self-indulgent
narcissism? The verdict was split.

Tuesday 15th March
To JOSEPH Savile Row for the first instalment
of the JOSEPH x The Happy Reader Book
Club. Books at the ready, JOSEPH and THR
were joined by fellow book worms for
an evening spent unravelling the complex
world of Russian author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

The Panel:

Gert Jonkers
Editor in Chief of Fantastic Man

Kate Finnigan
Fashion Features Director at The Telegraph

Bryan Karetnyk
Wolfson Scholar, PhD, Critic and Translator.

Kindred or Tindered spirts aside, Dostoyevsky
explores themes of love and loneliness through
his narrator - a self-proclaimed dreamer, isolated
in an introspective fantasy life in a melancholy
St Petersburg. A chance meeting on a bridge
with a heartbroken Nastenka, and our narrator
falls in love immediately.

Questions were asked whether he was simply
confusing love with his first successful attempt
at human engagement, or perhaps our hapless
dreamer fabricated the entire encounter altogether.