As the fashion flock migrates to Milano, Bottega Venetta's Violet Von Westenholz gives us her top tips for when spare time strikes.

If you can get away for shopping where do you dash to?

Via Monte Napoleone
If I'm feeling rich Via Monte Napoleone is brilliant for all the big shops. Or, for a smaller, buzzy vibe walk along the canal in Navigli to find small bars and cafes and vintage stores.

Where would you take us for a cocktail Violet?

Fingers Milano, Via San Gerolamo Emilia, 2 - 20135 Milano
If you aren't feeling Italian and you want cocktails: Fingers. It's delicious for sushi too.

Where can you get a healthy juice, smoothie or salad?
I wouldn't count on it. Top up at The Good Life before you leave London, then let go and enjoy the pasta when you arrive.

Best cafe?
Fonderie Milanesi Via Giovenale, 7 - 20136 Milano
Fonderie Milanesi

Best vibes neighbourhood?

Brera District, Milan
Brera has the prettiest narrow streets, lined with nice shops, and some incredible apartments where people decorate their balconies with overflowing flowerpots.

Favourite hotel and why?

The Westin Palace, Piazza della Repubblica 20 · 20124 Milan
I always stay at the Westin palace. It's comfortable and central what more do you need?

Are you into gelato and if so from where?
All gelato is good in Milan, even in February.

Which Italian (living or dead) has the best style?

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren cos she's just a legend.

Bottega Venetta Spring/Summer 2015 is now available at JOSEPH 77 Fulham Road


Photos: Tommy Ton


Photos: Tommy Ton