Don’t miss renowned sculptor and installation artist Yasemen Hussein’s installations currently displayed alongside the JOSEPH Spring/Summer 2015 collection at 77 Fulham Road as part of the JOSEPH X VIP Corner collaboration. Floating geisha figures wear the JOSEPH Spring/Summer 2015 collection and wire headpieces designed exclusively by the artist, in collaboration with VIPCorner. We caught up with the artist to learn more…

Hi Yasmen, tell us about yourself. How would you describe your artwork?
I started out as a glass artist and got my MFA in Glass sculpture in the US in 1998. For my degree show I made my favourite work about ‘Pan the goat god’, all hoofs and thighs and hair, I loved it. But I later veered away from glass towards metal work and by the time I returned to England, copper, steel and concrete were my weapons of choice! My friends tell me that whether I make a chair, or a spoon or sculpture they can always tell it’s mine by my ‘style’ and I try not to analyse this too much as I truly and simply just make what I like the look of. I just know when a piece of work is completed, it just feels right.

Can you tell us more about your works on display at JOSEPH? What inspires these beautiful installations and what do they represent to you?
I've made Geisha-inspired pieces many moons ago and have always wanted to go back to the theme, so was extra pleased when JOSEPH asked me to make some new pieces to work alongside the geisha-inspired collection. It's always easy to come up with idea's when I'm excited about the them and almost

immediately I had a sense of what I wanted to make, all I needed to know where how big and how heavy I was allowed to make them!

What materials did you use?
I adore copper; its colour, how it smells when I cut it, how easy the solder melts to it, how it bends to my will. I felt copper wire was especially suited to the head pieces as the use of line with the wire translated well into the shapes of Geisha wigs.

How did you make them fit the JOSEPH Spring/Summer 2015 aesthetic?
I think that the stylised, decorative nature of the pieces go well with the understated style of the Joseph Spring/Summer collection, they make a good combination and complement each other.

Yasmen’s work will be on display at JOSEPH Avenue Montaigne, Paris and available to buy at JOSEPH Westbourne Grove from next week.