It’s almost that time again. All eyes on New York as Fashion Month kicks off in a few short weeks. But where when you’re there?
Unrivalled in its urban vision of artistry and innovation, the culture options in New York can be overwhelming, so prioritising is a must. Banu Ibrahim gives us her tips…


It’s almost that time again. The key to making the most of Fashion Weeks: a bit cosmopolitan exploration when spare time suddenly arises. But where when you’re there? New York is unrivalled in its urban, innovative vision of artistry and innovation, so prioritising is a must. Banu Ibrahim gives us her inside tips…

19 Kenmare Street, 10012

Trendy and healthy it may be. But The Butcher’s daughter is not just another trendy, healthy café. This rustic-inspired restaurant is a neighbourhood haunt recognized by health conscious eaters and food critics alike, garnering praise from Food & Wine Magazine, New York Magazine, and Vogue.
A short walk from SoHo, the restaurant pays homage to the old-school butcher's shop but with a contemporary twist. A flavour-packed menu focuses solely on sustainable and locally grown produce. Chef Gonzalo Morales applies his French cooking techniques to fruits and vegetables sourced from nearby farms, creating culinary highlights like avocado tartare. For a quick pressed juice or a sit-down dinner, The Butcher's Daughter’s simple, sophisticated artisanal menu beckons.

Chelsea, 10011

Located in the heart of Chelsea, The High Line Park or "The Park in The Sky" has panoramic views stretching just over a mile along the waterfront. The park was repurposed from an unused railway track and was envisioned as New York City's response to the Promenade Plantée.

But what sets it apart from the rest is the impact of art on its development. Along the walk you'll find artist residencies, with innovators using the space as a medium to showcase their own vision. Currently on display is Adrián Villar Rojas' sculpture series "The Evolution of God" and later this year The Whitney Museum of Art will see its newest gallery designed by architect Renzo Piano directly over the park.

9 Doyers Street, 10079

It's not hard to miss Apotheke if you're not looking for it. This hidden-away pharmacist-style watering hole in Chinatown transports you to a different era of drinking. Décor is influenced by the history and rise of the apothecary in Europe, specifically the absinthe dens in 19th century Paris. But a well-curated menu makes it more than a cocktail bar. Expert mixologists create tailored sips with ingredients –from elderflower to edamame— either picked from local greenmarkets or taken straight from Apotheke’s rooftop herb garden. Clean contemporary tastes meet Old-World Paris.

32 East 69th Street, 10021

The recently opened "More paintings about poets and food" draws on Belgian-born artist Djordje Ozbolt's extensive travels, the traditions, curiosities and epochs of cultures and collapsing their narratives into tangible, surreal paintings and sculptures. The now London-based creator will see his first extensive exhibition showing at Hauser & Wirth Gallery, with displayed artwork varying from bright, pop-art reminiscent colours, to monochromatic simplicity, all playing on the stereotypical symbols of Americana. The result: a stimulating, fantasy-filled celebration to keep art lovers on their toes.

76 Greene Street, 10012

Greene Street is unlike anything else in SoHo. Just away from the shopping masses, the cobblestone lined street sits on rich creative history. It was once home of a bustling contemporary art scene in the 70s, showcasing one of the first experimental and artist-run galleries in the city. Core principles like freedom of expression from all artists regardless of their discipline pushed it forward, giving the area an atmosphere based on creativity that remains today. And while no longer there, the JOSEPH 76 Greene Street location aims to incorporates the same level of craftsmanship. Find designers including Rochas, Balmain, Antonio Berardi, Jean Paul Gaultier.